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What is Six Sigma ?

Six Sigma is a data driven, customer focused and result oriented methodology which uses statistical tools and techniques to systematically eliminate the defects and inefficiency to improve processes. Six Sigma was developed by Motorola in 1986 and since then it has been adopted by all leading companies across industries.

Six Sigma Green Belt

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Six Sigma Black Belt

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Six Sigma Yellow Belt


What is 6sigmastudy ?

Initially GE and Motorola developed certification programs (belt) to verify individuals’ expertise on the Six Sigma methods at the relevant skill level — entry level to expert. After that many organizations in the 1990s started offering Six Sigma certifications to their employees.


6sigmastudy have been offering Six Sigma certifications and trainings for more than one decade and is one of the reputed names in this field.

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