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We have noted the ever increasing demand for project management and business analysis skills brought on by the demands of today's world in business. We have also discovered that not all organizations and team members want or need to become fully certified project managers or business analysts, but simply want to understand the basics and get on with the job in hand.

To that end, we at CCS have devised a 4 day Project Management & Business Analysis Virtual Coaching Bootcamp to suit those requirements. We are excited to offer this new approach to both project management and business analysis practitioners. This is a hybrid PM and BA approach which offers participants all the necessary insight and understanding of the most important features of project management and business analysis at its best.


We pride ourselves in providing this PM BA Bootcamp with tailored content for the 4 days with much of the input coming from the participants themselves and, of course, a highly experienced coach in the world of Project Management & Business Analysis.

Its an exciting new approach that will give all participants a real world, on the job understanding and truly benifit them and the organization for years to come. No certifications and no exams required, simply all that is needed for successful identification, management and delivery of your organization's projects.

If interested in knowing more or joining in one of the many scheduled events coming to you live in 2024 and beyond, simply e-mail us and we will be more than delighted to assit you with any questions or queries.

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