Business Solutions

Business management support, coaching and specialist training. Planning, scheduling, execution, monitoring & controlling. Project closure, and Risk management are just some of the services provided by Cost Control Services as a B2B Partner.​

Project Implementation & Support

When a business needs to implement change, re-structure, re-design or re-build we provide certified professional business support wherever and whenever required. Our services are contracted on a short to medium term or can be provided on a day rate basis. 

We are proactive, positive and carry out implementation processes to achieve objectives.

Project planning, scheduling, resource management

Integration Management, Scope, Time Management, Cost Management, Quality Management, Human Resources, Communications, Risk Management,



A structured approach to outsourcing services and products within the business.
We audit, review and make proposals for outsourcing to identify positive benefits.

We provide a structured approach to outsourcing and the process of outsourcing products and services within a business.

We audit business requirements and put forward proposals for outsourcing when positive benefits can be identified.

We make detailed assessments of the current workforce, make recommendations to improve costs and make efficiencies.

We analyze the utilization of those personnel to ensure that the business has the right people in the right places at the right time.

We oversee the management, control and payment processes ensuring independent impartial review of efficiencies.

We will comprehensively assess the workforce practices making sure that the company work practices, policies and legislation are being implemented and will put forward practical proposals to bring issues back in line with business objectives.

We audit website effectiveness, strategies, optimization, costs, digital marketing, social media advertising, online data protection processes.

We set up and manage outsourced services and procurement contracts on behalf of clients., and

Stakeholder Management.




Management Systems & Processes

Develop leadership competencies and effectiveness
Formulating and implementing a business strategy and plan
Developing an organisation's management system in terms of structure and Strategy delivery
Evaluating the effectiveness of an organisation's processes to include finance, facilities, people and operational efficiencies
Developing and managing an approach to Process and Results benchmarking
Managing change
Excellence in designing, delivering and managing customer service, including customer relationship systems
Developing and managing Operational Standards
Creating value and competitive advantage through innovation
Managing performance outcomes and indicators (financial and non-financial)

Provide mentoring support and facilitate acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes related to management systems and processes.

Manage multiple simultaneous construction projects from inception through completion.

Support special renovations, and upgrades of existing facilities. 

Facilitate reviews and help resolve issues with cross-functional groups and external firms. 

Demonstrate superior performance in resolving highly-critical issues within the organization while maintaining rigorous adherence to project timelines and costs.

Training Solutions

Supporting on-site specialist training in project management methodologies and cost control management.

Project Management Workshops

Cost Forecasting, Budgets and Management


Providing the very best skills and knowledge to support hospitality clients on a short term contract basis. We are available to provide general management and project support for hospitality operators internationally.

Proactive and positive implementation management processes

Achieving project cost, time, resources and stakeholder objectives

Managing change to produce positive opportunities

Revenue and cost control processes.

Plan, establish, execute, monitor & control SOPs and KPI

Providing specialist project management services, consultancy and training to the hospitality, retail and commercial industries.

Implementation and Change Management 

Soft Facilities & Property Management

Risk Management

Project Cost Control & Management 

Financial management and cost control. Training and preparation in Project Budgeting, Forecasting and Cost Management.
Preparing and interpreting financial data and reports
Budgeting and cash flow
Optimising revenue and profits

Provide mentoring support and facilitate acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes related to business finance.

Business Planning & Management

Strategic business planning including budget planning
Formulating and implementing a business strategy
Management and leadership
Managing change
Creating value and competitive advantage
Creation of a business plan specific to your business
Policy and direction setting
Establishment of business goals and competitor analysis
Identifying business, opportunities and ways to promote your business
Provide mentoring support and facilitate acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes related to business planning and management.

Environmental & Energy Management

Adopting and implementing environmental policies
Environmental audit of your business
Identifying cost savings and reducing overheads by incorporating best environmental practice
Working towards environmental accreditation in industry sector
Provide mentoring support and facilitate acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes related to environmental management.

Soft Facilities & Property

Provision of occupancy and space planning services including relocation activities, in terms of project delivery, quality and performance,

Financial performance and relationship management with customers and suppliers for the project. 

The management of fit-out and other organizational projects as directed by the stakeholders.

Providing comprehensive soft facilities and property management services.

Managing end to end move execution, performing a major role in pre-move planning, implementation and post move assistance including:

Taking and developing project brief Identifying and communicating with internal businesses throughout the project. 

Overseeing the production of space plans, project specification and CAD drawings for space planning. 

Co-ordinating activities of CAD work, contractors and consultants managing and reporting on the budget. 

Determining space requirements and forecasting space utilization. 

Retail Support

We provide operational and management support services for retail clients. Interim management and short term management available on short term and contract terms. Pre-opening support and project management provision.


Re-location planning 

Soft Facilities and property management services

Implementation, planning and execution

Soft services contract negotiation and procurement

Procurement, tendering and contract negotiations

Building management and maintenance planning and control                                                                      

Energy management planning and control

Waste management planning

Business property reviews and auditing

Emergency planning

Recovery strategies 

Visitor Attractions and Heritage Site Management
Analysis and review of overall visitor experience
Review of communication cycle with visitor from pre-visit to end of visit  
Advise on interpretation media e.g. exhibitions, audio, information panels, etc.
Interpretative messaging / theme development
Provide mentoring support and facilitate acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes related to visitor attraction interpretation and Heritage products.

Business Tourism

Securing and managing business tourism markets and groups
Quality and Standards management of conference facilities, services and performance

Provide mentoring support and facilitate acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes related to business conference.